Whitehorse NW Hunting Unit (68) Topographic 11 x 17


Map Size
11 x 17
3 - 6 Days

11”x17” Paper Hunting Unit Atlas


11”x17” Spiral Bound Paper Topographic Hunting Unit Atlas Includes:


* 3d Shaded topographic 1:24,000 base map

* Hunt Unit Boundary clearly shown.

* GPS coordinates ‘ticks’ displayed on each map page border in:


            Digital Degrees

            UTM Grids

* Campgrounds and Recreation points of interest.

* Forest Service and BLM roads labeled where available.

* Springs, Streams and Lakes.

* Hiking, Biking, and Snowmobile trails.

* Federal, State and Municipal boundaries showing public land.

* Current magnetic declination on each page.

* Index map showing location of each page.