Chesnimnus Hunting Unit (58) Topographic 11 x 17


Map Size
11 x 17
3 - 6 Days

The Enhanced Topographic Atlas breathes new life into the USGS topo dataset. Projected at a scale of 1:31,680 (1" = 1/2 mile), this atlas is zoomed in several times further on its area of coverage than competing printed maps. As a result, you can see more of everything - more ponds, intermittent springs, and meadows; more hiking trails, BLM roads, and Forest Service fire roads; more buttes, bluffs, and much tighter elevation contour lines. In short, more of the details that make this particular patch of the American landscape so unique. Combine all this with our 3D shaded-relief effects and extensive color enhancements, and you're looking at one of the most engaging and informative atlases available. Whether your hiking, hunting, biking, fishing, snowmobiling, or just out wandering, this is the map for you.

11”x17” Paper Hunting Unit Atlas


11”x17” Spiral Bound Paper Topographic Hunting Unit Atlas Includes:


* 3d Shaded topographic 1:24,000 base map

* Hunt Unit Boundary clearly shown.

* GPS coordinates ‘ticks’ displayed on each map page border in:


            Digital Degrees

            UTM Grids

* Campgrounds and Recreation points of interest.

* Forest Service and BLM roads labeled where available.

* Springs, Streams and Lakes.

* Hiking, Biking, and Snowmobile trails.

* Federal, State and Municipal boundaries showing public land.

* Current magnetic declination on each page.

* Index map showing location of each page.